The Impact of Weather in Columbus, Ohio on Parenting

Parents living in Columbus, Ohio must be aware of how weather conditions can affect their parenting decisions. Learn how La Niña, El Niño and other extreme weather events can impact parenting.

The Impact of Weather in Columbus, Ohio on Parenting

When it comes to raising children, parents must take into account the weather conditions in their area. In Columbus, Ohio, the weather can have a significant impact on parenting. Pediatricians suggest that parents dress their children in warm, waterproof clothing that allows them to play outside. They have classified temperatures into red, yellow and green zones.

During La Niña, Arctic air is diverted north and east from the Ohio Valley region for much of the winter. This resulted in a mild January in Columbus (7.8 degrees above normal) and an equally warm February, with no significant snowfall. El Niño conditions usually lead to drier than average conditions in the Ohio Valley. It is also more likely that warmer than average temperatures will occur in the north of the country.

Fiona Doherty, the study's lead author and PhD candidate in social work at Ohio State, commented that the studies provide compelling evidence for this problem. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center recently released quarterly forecasts indicating that an unusually mild winter in Ohio and much of the Midwest and East will likely be followed by a warmer-than-average and periodically stormy spring. NOAA expects higher-than-normal temperatures and rainfall to continue through early spring in Ohio. The contrast in temperature and the active trajectory of storms could increase the risk of severe storms in the Mississippi and Ohio valleys.

As the weather begins to return to cold and freezing temperatures, pediatricians remind parents to pay attention to what their children are wearing when they walk out the door. Researchers from Ohio State University conducted a systematic review of 20 studies linking droughts, floods and other extreme weather events to the increase in child, early and forced marriages in low- and middle-income countries. In conclusion, it is important for parents living in Columbus, Ohio to be aware of how weather conditions can affect their parenting decisions. By dressing their children appropriately for the weather conditions, parents can ensure that their children are safe and healthy.

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