Disciplining Children in Columbus, Ohio: Techniques and Resources

Learn about the different discipline techniques used by parents in Columbus, Ohio, including rewards, logical consequences, positive reinforcement, and educational programs.

Disciplining Children in Columbus, Ohio: Techniques and Resources

When it comes to disciplining children, parents in Columbus, Ohio have a variety of options.


are one of the most effective techniques used to encourage positive behavior. Rewards can be anything from verbal praise to tangible items such as toys or treats. Parents can also use logical consequences, which are related to the misbehavior and help children learn from their mistakes.

For example, if a child breaks a toy, they may have to help pay for a replacement. Another popular discipline technique is positive reinforcement. This involves praising and rewarding children for good behavior. This can be done with verbal praise or by providing rewards such as extra screen time or a special treat.

Parents in Columbus, Ohio can also take advantage of educational programs offered by the Columbus Public Health Alcohol and Drug Prevention Program (ADS). These programs provide parents with the tools and resources they need to effectively discipline their children. Finally, parents should remember that discipline is not about punishment. It's about teaching children how to make better choices and helping them develop self-control.

Discipline should be consistent and fair, and it should focus on teaching rather than punishing.

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